"The best massage I've ever had!" -Marina M. 2017

"Francy gives great attention to the problem areas. Effective, talented and skillful." -Dr. Set Terzian, D.C. 2017

"Never had a massage I enjoyed or needed more. Thank you!!" -Kim M. 2017

“My massage was great. I was so relaxed afterwards.” -Karen C. 2010 (12-year client - In Loving Memory 2015)

"Man, did I love that massage! So much so, that I forgot to tear your check out & hand it to you!!” -Pam M. 2008

“Great- one of the best I have had!” -Donna P. TX. 2008

”Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! You are really special. I’m glad I treated myself!” -Jackie / Big Island B&B 2007

“Thank you. The warm treatment table was so nice, the robe was great, everything from beginning to end was excellent!” -Chris D. 2006

“Excellent-thank you very much.” -Sara M. 2006

“Francy was great! Will recommend her to people who stay in our rental house in Bodega!” -Rebecca C. 2006

“Great, relaxing.” -Jenny L. 2006

”Was great.” -Cori G. 2006

”A great massage.” -Patrice J. 2006

”Francy really worked-out my knots & had great energy. I will definitely see her again!! Thanx!!!” -Hediyeh M. 2006

”Wonderful. Deeply relaxing. Wouldn’t want to drive now.” -Tracy 2006

”You have such a sparkle to you & that massage! Ahhh....” -Tori H. 2005

”Thank-you so much for the wonderful massage. 1st I looked forward to it, the massage itself was fabulous, & afterwards I even skipped running to savor the feeling.” -Pam M. 2005

”I can still feel the massage. Thank you.” -Christian S. 2003

”Thank-you for the great massage! I was so relaxed the rest of the day. I think I’ve found the perfect gift for my ‘select’ friends.” -Tracy P. 2002

”I surely did appreciate that massage. I feel 100% better!” -Chris B. 2002

”Thank-you so much for the fabulous massage, I have felt better ever since.” -Jane Mc. 2002

”Thank you for the massage, it was the best-one I’ve ever received.” -Cheree H. 1999

”You relived me of my pain & helped me so very much.” -Patricia H. 1998

”Thank-you again for the wonderful massage here in TX.” -Mary Jane Y. 1997

”I’m so happy that you could work our two daughters into your schedule. It was so worth the wait!” -Carolyn P. 1995

”Just wanted you to know how I much appreciated the extra-time you spent on me. Kindness such as this is often overlooked.” -Kharazan E. 1995

”It’s nice to know that there are still people that go out of their way to make others feel good.” -Carol F. L.A.1993

“Thank-you so very much for the wonderful massage, I feel great! I really felt a lot of love coming from you.” -Cindy Mc. 1993